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At Mayo Clinic, care is coordinated so teams of experts work together to provide the integrated care that patients deserve. Mayo Clinic is a destination for all who need certainty, options and hope.

Dr. Prasad collaborating to provide care.

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Located in central London, Mayo Clinic Healthcare offers care tailored to your patients’ needs, with state-of-the-art diagnostic tests on site that provide results quickly, usually on the same day. We accept physician referrals for specialist services, diagnostic imaging, including MRI and CT, as well as into our endoscopy suite.

Mayo Clinic Healthcare Imaging Expertise

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[00:00:08.31] SANDEEP KAPUR: We have amongst the finest machines within the London district. We have a 3 Tesler MRI. We have a Nastasic CT scanner.

[00:00:15.75] NAVTEJ S. BUTTAR: Cancer screening-- including breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer. We can do body composition. We can look at bone density. And there's wide range of CT scanning that is available, like virtual colonoscopy. And GI endoscopy, gastroscopy, and colonoscopy is also available on site.

[00:00:32.94] MALGORZATA WAMIL: We have a wide variety of cardiac imaging modalities. This includes advanced echocardiography, including 3D transvaginal echo's, stress echo, also use frequently cross-sectional imaging, such as CT coronary angiograms, CT-TAVI protocols, and have a particular expertise in cardiac MRI.

[00:00:54.33] NAVTEJ S. BUTTAR: We can get you a second opinion on any medical condition at a short notice.

[00:00:59.07] SANDEEP KAPUR: Beyond the machines, the most important thing is the people that we have here. We take a thoughtful approach to our investigation ordering and try and think about why we're doing the test and what we're going to do with the results.

[00:01:10.30] JAMES EAST: That means we can personalize care to the patient, and take extra time to understand the patient's story and concerns, and organize care in the most efficient manner.

[00:01:19.89] G. ANTON DECKER: Because Mayo Clinic has such deep expertise and is on the cutting edge of imaging technology, research, and treatments, in most cases, we can also exclude diagnoses and reassure patients that the thing that they're so worried about may simply be irrelevant and require no further testing.

[00:01:38.82] SANDEEP KAPUR: We're able to provide quite a unique service here, which is very personalized for patients. And it taps into local expertise that we have here and within the clinic. But we have the ability to access the vast number of experts that we have across in the US. And it's that unique blend of the care that we provide here and tapping into that expertise that's something that's not available anywhere else, within London or the UK.

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Gastroenterology. We offer a comprehensive gastrointestinal (GI) care experience with consultant examination, diagnostic imaging and endoscopy services all under one roof. On-site specialty clinics include:

Cardiology. From diagnosis to treatment, Mayo Clinic Healthcare has a broad range of cardiology expertise and sophisticated cardiac imaging services. Cardiologists have access to Mayo Clinic’s top-ranked clinicians in the United States, including more than 240 experts trained in every cardiac subspecialty, which means patients get the right answers the first time. On-site specialty clinics include:

View Mayo Clinic Healthcare London’s Grand Rounds seminar on Management of Left Main Coronary Artery Disease

Pulmonology. Mayo Clinic Healthcare pulmonologists are part of an integrated team of highly specialised medical experts who work together to care for people of all ages. Because pulmonary conditions are often complex, experts in London collaborate with Mayo Clinic specialists in the United States who have vast knowledge on all aspects of lung care, including rare conditions and Long COVID-19.

Diagnostic services

In addition to providing imaging evaluations for our own patients, we see patients from other providers in the community who require imaging studies on their behalf.

Radiology. We are equipped with a wide range of imaging and diagnostic equipment, including state-of-the-art:

Download our radiology referral form (PDF)

Endoscopy. Our on-site endoscopy suite can perform a wide variety of endoscopic evaluations and procedures, including gastroscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy

Diagnosing the serious, rare or complex

All practitioners run into cases they have difficulty diagnosing. By working with Mayo Clinic Healthcare, you can access more than 4,000 specialists with deep knowledge in just about every rare condition. We can provide answers to your most challenging cases, either through collaboration or referral.

GP and consultant liaison team

Our liaison team will provide you with a single point of contact to assist with your enquiry and booking, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience with a rapid turnaround of results and reports.

In addition, if you would like to visit the clinic in advance or speak with one of our physicians, please contact us and we will be happy to facilitate.

Need assistance?

To make a referral or talk about care options for your patient, call +44 (0) 207 871 2575 or email

Research news for medical professionals

As experts in their fields, Mayo Clinic Healthcare clinicians conduct research to discover better treatment options for your patients.

Read the latest research conducted in cardiology, gastroenterology and radiology.