Mayo Clinic Healthcare updates

Receive quarterly updates for doctors on trends and advances in medicine at Mayo Clinic Healthcare located in London.

Current issue

June 2024 (PDF)

  • Meet the new Director of Nursing, Langa Dube-Sayeni: A day in the life at Mayo Clinic Healthcare
  • Spring Gastroenterology event — a great evening of knowledge sharing
  • Consultant spotlight: Professor Brecker’s pivotal role in the development and advancement of heart valve disease procedures.

Past issues

March 2024 (PDF)

  • Enhancing patient care through workflow automation and human-centred AI
  • Patient case study: Spotlight on Barrett's oesophagus and a testament to specialised care
  • Meet Mayo Clinic Healthcare's new medical director: Professor Sina Dorudi

November 2023 (PDF)

  • Clinical research updates
  • Cardiology event roundup
  • Winter gastroenterology event
  • Finding support for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Meet our new cardiologists

August 2023 (PDF)

  • Risk classification after colonoscopy and polypectomy
  • GI networking event for healthcare professionals
  • Meet our GI clinicians

January 2023 (PDF)

  • Mayo Clinic advanced imaging capabilities
  • Mayo Clinic Healthcare welcomes new consultants and physicians
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • COVID-19 updates and resources