Tailored medical exam

A consultation for everyone. Offered face-to-face or through virtual appointments, the tailored medical exam provides the opportunity to consult with a Mayo Clinic Healthcare expert about a specific problem or concern.

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Mayo Clinic's team approach to focusing on one patient at a time is the best in the world, not only because we invented it, but also because we have been perfecting it for more than 150 years. Every year, Mayo Clinic provides individualized treatment to millions of people from around the globe. Some seek preventive services to stay healthy, while others have been seeking answers for years, only to find them at Mayo Clinic.

We can schedule you quickly to resolve minor issues through an initial consultation. If further testing or consultation is needed, our specialists will discuss options with you, drawing on our full diagnostic facility in our Clinic in the Harley Street Medical Area as well as providing you access both in person and virtually to 4,000 specialist physicians.

Whatever level of care you require, we will manage the care experience for you, so you can focus on staying healthy and getting better with the confidence that you are always considered first. It's peace of mind knowing answers can be found quickly just a phone call away.