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Controlling stress

Dr Safia Debar: If we're thinking about leadership teams in particular, we may be very highly functioning, but under the surface, it may be a different story. If you look at the top, that's normal. Go up in stress, come down. Just remember this, we are the only mammalian species that can throw off that whole stress response, that whole stress cascade with thought alone. It doesn't have to be real life, life or death situation. If we go to this, this graph here where it says repeated hits, you're in a highly functioning executive team or just life. You get repeated hits. These are repeated stressors that hit. If you're able to go down, then no problem, you're hitting your baseline. But what happens when you're just coming down from something happening at work? You get called in and there's a disciplinary. Your stress goes back up, Your pet is sick, then your stress goes back up. Can you see where it says lack of adaptation on this one? That slowly, slowly your ability to regulate and hit your baseline starts to wane. This can result in one of two things. You can either go up in stress and then stay there. This is where we have a prolonged response. This is when we're hyper vigilant. We're wired, but tired, we're anxious. It's a very active state or life has thrown at you so many stresses that you go into an inadequate response. This is like if someone is slapping me in the face, I will respond. I will respond. But after a while, you may just numb out. You may just show no response. A few of my patients are like, well, Safia, this is great. I just want to have no response. When it comes to stress, it may look like that, but internally, the adrenaline is still there. The cortisol is still there, the inflammation is still there, the oxidative stress is still there. The effects on your blood pressure, as Sandeep says, our hypotension, our blood pressure may be fine in clinic, but it may be when we're in that meeting, our blood pressure is soaring, right? All of these effects are hidden when we, when we look at health assessment, for example, at the Mayo. I love this concept of the functional medicine tree. Don't worry about the small print, but it's really just to visually illustrate that we can go organ by organ. Okay? You can be up there checking your heart, checking your guts, checking your hormones on a very surface level right at the top of the tree. But organ by organ is not going to give you a true picture of your health. And actually it's starting at the roots at the trunk of the tree. Your foundations, which will then lead up into everything else. At Mayo, we don't look at organ by organ, we look at the whole system. Stress is integral. Why? Because depending on where I am operating from. Am I operating from a threat state, right, this is the Olympic system, a migdal, or am I operating from a relaxed state? That will determine my heart rate, my blood pressure, my gut motility. I mean everything. So if I'm being strategic, I would look at my branches, at my roots first, because that will lead me to a stronger foundation which will then bear fruit as opposed to going upstream and saying, oh yeah, my blood pressure is high, I need to take pills. But if you're not addressing the root cause, where's the use? How do we assess? Well, like any other health assessment we have, and I love the concept of the unhurried consultation. We take our time, we take a full history examination. We do the typical physicals, the differences. I want to know everything. I want to know the roots. I want to know about the trunk, I want to know about everything, the psychological, the relational. How are you relating? Right? Because you might be high net worth in terms of your job, but are you high net worth in terms of your purpose, in terms of your relationships, in terms of your downtime? It's not just about work, spiritual, and this is not necessarily religious, but what is your view of life like what do you believe? What is your kind of dimension?

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