Health and genetic assessment. The Bronze plan gives you access to comprehensive testing services, as well as genetic testing, cancer screening and consultations with the Mayo Clinic Healthcare medical team.

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Nurse — 30-minute consultation that includes:

  • BMI assessment
  • Blood pressure
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Urine analysis
  • Blood test

Physician — 60-minute consultation that includes:

  • Full medical examination
  • Discussion on family medical history
  • Personal medical review

Genetic counseling (if clinically indicated): 30 minutes

Genetic testing

Cancer screen — 66 genes linked to types of cancers where enhanced screening is associated with higher survival rates or even prevention

Diagnostic imaging

  • Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis to ensure health of organs such as liver, pancreas and more

Blood test

Test 30 blood markers checking for:

  • Signs of common illness
  • Health of key body organs
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Kidney functions
  • Liver functions

Cardiac testing

  • Resting ECG
  • Stress ECG (if clinically indicated)


  • Hearing assessment


  • Eye pressure check (tonometry) to assess glaucoma risk


  • Lung spirometry test checking the function of the lungs

Urine testing

Basic urine test to check for:

  • Liver function
  • Kidney function
  • Diabetes

Body composition

  • Full scan

Bone density

  • DEXA scan for women over 50 and men over 60 years old (or younger for both sexes if clinically indicated)

Women only

  • Pap test (if clinically indicated)
  • Mammography for women over 40 years old (if clinically indicated)

Follow-up visits

  • One follow-up visit within 12 months from initial visit if clinically necessary