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To help people with inherited cardiac conditions, Mayo Clinic Healthcare offers comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation, genetic testing, genetic counselling and screening.

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What are inherited cardiac conditions?

Inherited cardiac conditions are caused by coding mistakes in the DNA, also known as DNA mutations. The mutations occur in specific places in the genetic code and may lead to a number of heart issues such as:

  • Cardiomyopathies
    • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle thickening and fibrosis that causes stiffening of the heart muscle and increases the risk of an irregular heart rhythm
    • Dilated cardiomyopathy, an enlarged left ventricle that makes it harder for the heart to pump blood
    • Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy, a replacement of a ventricle by abnormal tissue that leads to life threatening rhythm problems
  • Channelopathies, sometimes dangerous conditions that can cause abnormal heartbeats and cardiac arrest
    • Long QT syndrome
    • Brugada syndrome
    • Early repolarization syndrome
    • Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT)
    • Idiopathic ventricular fibrillation
  • Familial hypercholesterolemia, a condition that affects how the body processes cholesterol and increases risk of heart disease and early heart attack
  • Unexpected sudden cardiac death

Inherited cardiac conditions can be present at birth but go undetected until later in life. In extreme cases, they are only discovered after sudden death.